Raison d’être

“Because it is my desire. Is that not enough?” – Sherlock Holmes

Purpose is good — it lends you direction, affords you the means for a plan, and grants you some manner of determination in the fulfilment of said goal. Purpose for a high ideal? Even better. Joining the charge against climate degradation, seeking to vanquish global food security issues, or even protesting against the indignities enacted against some of our fellow human beings are but some of these beacons, these noble clarion calls of high orders.

This blog will not even pretend to lay claim to anything of this sort. In a rather true sense of the term, it is selfish, in that it serves my wants and proclivities alone. In this age of paper-chasing and social awareness movements, everything seems to be done for a larger purpose, for something that lays outside of our core being. Whilst I am by no means averse to such agendas, I do reckon that we sometimes get so enamoured with tending to the needs of the world that we neglect to do the same for those of our own. It is almost a luxury, then, to be able to pursue something that satisfies personal desires just because.

Indeed, being quite the reflexive and reflective introvert (I suppose most introverts do this), there is a lot going on in my head a lot of the time, and suffice to say, some of these thoughts that spend much time dwelling in the recesses of my mind need an outlet. That I see the act of writing as a vessel is surely an aid to this pursuit too. As an aside, I never liked the idea of single-subject blogs by virtue of the accompanying pressures to ‘stay on track’ and thus stifling any expression on various other subjects. This one, however, will be more akin to a pastiche of my mind — of concerns and rumination pertaining to a myriad of topics, some more material, some less so, but in every case an aperture into all that animates me.

At the end of the day, this is really a platform for personal commentary, a steam valve of sorts; fame and fortune is, practically and idealistically, never in the works. That said, if you happen to have to come across this place, I hope you enjoy the reads. If you haven’t come across this, then who the hell am I speaking to? ❒


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