Why I Have Come to Love Proper Cloth

I realise this is going to come across as quite the advertisement, but in some ways it is almost inevitable that it does — a magical moment (partnership, even) when consumption preferences and a company’s product offerings converge, so much so that it just has to be exclaimed in some manner and form.

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Metallica’s St. Anger: 11 Years Down the Road

Album art for St. Anger; note the slight scratch marks on the fist owing to Amazon’s packaging (usually I would be slightly upset at it, but I thought it was rather thematic given the record’s subject matter)

Let’s face it: Metallica’s career life-course has never been one that was smooth sailing, with the band no stranger to tragic passings, internal tensions, even sonic production values (oh the furor that ensued upon the release of …And Justice for All and Death Magnetic).
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